FirePASS technology can provide absolute safety against fire, biological and chemical warfare in all military installations, including buildings, underground facilities, electronic communication centers and arsenals, marine vessels and submarines, aircrafts, space and ground vehicles, etc.

Oxygen reduction for absolute safety against fire, biological and chemical warfare


Fire protection underground base

Starting now, military bunkers, missile silos and other underground facilities can also employ FirePASS® solutions to ensure ultimate fire protection. Even the explosion of a penetrating bomb would not cause any fire at all. Additionally, FirePASS provides sufficient protection against biological and chemical weapons and radioactive contaminants.

Missile attack on a building

The fire-suppressive atmosphere in this case will be kept at a slightly positive pressure for as long as needed, preventing atmospheric air from entry, thereby providing fire, biological- and chemical-warfare safety.

Combat vehicles

Combat vehicles do not have to catch fire anymore when hit by a cumulative shell.


Naval ship

Marine vessels can protect their weapon compartments by a constant fire preventative atmosphere of FirePASS-PA, absolutely safe for personnel. FirePASS® in suppression mode can protect all other rooms.


A fire onboard an aircraft can be easily extinguished with a specially developed FirePASS-SC agent providing a safe environment for passengers and crew.

Space shuttle

Airplanes and space vehicles of the future will be purged on the ground with the hypoxic atmosphere that will be maintained during the flight by an onboard air-regeneration system. The same solution can be applied to submarines.

Space station

Good news: there will be no more fires in space—thanks to the FirePASS® patented technology. Licensing is available.


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