FirePASS Concept
  • Ambient air is drawn into the hypoxic generator where it is purified and turned hypoxic (low oxygen level).
  • The entire room is ventilated with low oxygen air, inhibiting fire ignition.
  • Low oxygen air leaks from the room, thus completing the flow of air and ventilating the space.
  • A control unit monitoring the room with oxygen-sensors permanently ensures a stable and healthy low oxygen environment in the room.

The growing global concern for the ecology, resulting in the worldwide ban on the production of the principal halogenated fire suppressants, has stimulated extensive research of new, environmentally acceptable substances. However, it has evidently been very difficult to create a chemical agent that meets all the desirable, and often contradictory, properties.

A FirePASS® prevention environment is established by ventilating a room with so-called hypoxic, i.e. oxygen-reduced, air. Hypoxic air is produced by partly filtering out oxygen from ambient atmospheric air, thus typically reducing the oxygen content to 15%, compared to the normal amount of 20.9%. This oxygen level corresponds to the partial pressure of oxygen at an altitude of around 2.700m (9.000ft).

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