Swiss made oxygen sensor, made specifically for oxygen reduction environments using advanced fluorescence quenching by oxygen technology. This monitor provides reliable O2% monitoring and can also transmit temperature, humidity and CO2 content data to controller or directly to BMS system.

240 firepass ambient monitor 587 



  • Measurement: Oxygen, CO2, Temperature, Pressure, Relative humidity

  • Absolute humidity (calculated)
  • Dewpoint (calculated)

  • Relay output ( alarm functions, safety chain)

  • Safety relay with forcibly guided contacts according to EN61810-1,IEC61810-3,EN50205, EN45545

  • Buzzer output (alarm functions) , RS485 MODBUS interface

  • Optional Graphic display with variable backlight

  • Easy mountable enclosure , Swiss made

  • Engineered and produced by a ISO9001 certified company








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